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Smart Solar Box Review 2024 : Does It Really Work or a Scam?

A portable solar power generator that can power your appliances is what I've been looking for. It can also be utilized during brownouts and blackouts at crucial moments. Finding the Smart Solar Box ebook was fortunate for me.

An alternative to meet residential power demands is the Smart Solar Box. They asserted that it can reduce electricity costs by up to 65%. I was able to take advantage of the offer because it was inexpensive and simple to assemble.

👉Smart Solar Box(TM): Only $19.79 | 90% Off Official Package ☑️

I'm giving the Smart Solar Box my honest opinion.

I've had my solar box built and utilized for over two years. I was surprised when I received the power bill because I had previously taken it for granted.

Let's examine the Smart Solar Box software in more detail.

Smart Solar Box: Quick Overview

Product Type: Digital

Authorized by: Ryan Tanner

Those looking to reduce their electricity costs are the target audience.

Intact Customers: Over 17341 households

Feature Offering: Construct a smart solar box yourself

Format of Delivery: Digital Video Format

65% less electricity was used (advertised).

Our Rating: 5 out of 5. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Money-back Guarantee: There is a sixty-day window

Bonus: Where the equipment stores are located

Cost: $37; one-time only

There are no shipping costs.

Where to Purchase: Smart Solar Box's official website

Smart Solar Box: Benefits and Drawbacks


Reasonably priced; the device only costs $200 to create.

saves a substantial sum on electricity costs.

Not much upkeep is required.

renewable, ecologically benign, and friendly to the environment.

a simple user manual and streamlined video tutorials.

To make this device, no technical knowledge is required.

Portability: It's easy to tote about.

With our strong 60-day money-back guarantee, you have nothing to lose.


only available in digital format. That implies in order to access it, you must a second device.

For a large residence, maybe several solar boxes are needed.

Purchase of additional equipment is required.

👉Smart Solar Box(TM): Only $19.79 | 90% Off Official Package ☑️

A Smart Solar Box Program: What Is It?

An online tutorial for building a solar box at home can be found in the Smart Solar Box program. Along with other directions, it has a list of necessary tools and video instructions.

Installing solar panels will typically set you back hundreds of dollars. Nevertheless, you would only have to pay roughly $200 if you used the Smart Solar Box programs.

It also requires few components, is simple to assemble, and takes only a few hours to install. It is also transportable, so you can take it with you wherever you go.

A 41-page guide for do-it-yourself

There are five chapters in The Smart Solar Box. Below is a list of the chapters.

The Introduction in Chapter 1.

fundamentals of solar energy.

Regards, general technical.

Tools and Components, Chapter 2.


Parts (electronic components required)

Chapter 3: Smart Solar Box Construction Instructions

Solar panel assembly.

Getting the Box Ready.

wiring procedure.

Recap: a succinct rundown of the steps.

Chapter 4: Solar Box Testing

Chapter 5: Sources for Component Purchases

An Archive of Tutorial Videos

For more experienced users, the Smart Solar Box also provides some extra video tutorials.

Bonus 1: Build Your Solar Panels in 10 Easy Steps

Due to their ease of viewing, videos are frequently preferred over reading materials by many people. Consequently, it comes with ten simple-to-follow video instructions for building a solar panel. The actions consist of.

figuring out the electricity and various solar types.

The PC panels are advised to be positive.

use PV to create your system.

Detailed instructions for building solar panels.

necessary parts and instruments.

the elements of the system.

Checking the performance of your solar panel.

The construction procedure.

It will be simple for everyone who is unfamiliar with solar panels and batteries. It also includes every necessary equipment you'll need to assemble the solar panel. The store locations where you can purchase the tools are listed.

Bonus 2: Construct Your Own Wind Turbine

Additionally, the Smart Solar Box program offers a special guidance on how to construct wind turbine generators. It provides the following general information on wind turbines.

The ideal location for installing wind turbines.

dispelling a few widespread rumors regarding wind turbines.

Detailed instructions for constructing a wind turbine

the process of producing power.

Battery advice and techniques.

Fundamentals of generators.

👉Smart Solar Box(TM): Only $19.79 | 90% Off Official Package ☑️

How Do Intelligent Solar Boxes Operate?

As the name implies, intelligent solar boxes are a magical device. Let's examine the workings of the smart solar box and the parts that make it up.

The Idea Behind Smart Solar Box

The Smart Solar Box has a very basic operating mechanism. Direct solar power from the sun reaches the solar panel. It converts the energy to DC electric power.

DC power is transformed into AC power for homes via an electric inverter. The current is stored by the battery for later use. It is a noteworthy renewable energy source that, when completely charged, can supply backup power for up to 20 hours.

The gadget is appropriate for use in storms and blackouts. All domestic equipment, including stoves, fans, lights, and refrigerators, can be powered by it.

Which Elements Would You Need?

The parts listed below are what you'll need to assemble a smart solar box yourself.

A component



Small solar panels: $50–$60 for 50 watts

Solar and car batteries: $150–$160 for 1V and 100Ah

Solar Panel: $13–$14, 30A, 12V

800-watt electric inverter: $26–$36

10.4"Lx 9.4"Wx 6.9"H Portable Battery Box, $18–$28

👉Smart Solar Box(TM): Only $19.79 | 90% Off Official Package ☑️

Adding the $37 cost of the Smart Solar Box digital video guide to the $298 total cost of all the parts to make the solar box means you will be spending about $335, which is a very fair investment.

The average US household paid $122 a month in 2021, which means that they spent $1400+ more annually on average. With an intelligent solar box, you may reduce these hefty electricity expenditures by 65%.

Who Should Purchase This Software to Construct a Smart Solar Box?

A cost-effective approach that can save a substantial amount of money on electricity bills at the end of the year is the Smart Solar Box program.

With installation of solar panels costing about $20,000 and maintenance costing an additional few thousand dollars, the creative solar box is a great substitute that provides more for a less budget because of its low cost, simplicity of usage, and lack of maintenance.

For individuals who would like to create a business in this industry, the program also includes a business plan, comprehensive instructions for building solar boxes for your company, and a comprehensive lesson for putting up wind generators.

What Benefits Does the Smart Solar Box Offer?

Before you buy a Smart Solar Box, find out how it may help your family.

The expensive cost of installing solar panels is something you can avoid.

Reduce your monthly or annual electricity costs by a large amount.

You don't need to worry about using power for regular necessities.

Take no chances when cleaning your rooftop solar panels.

keeps you safe during storms and blackouts.

Energy that is entirely sustainable and green.

dependable and reasonably priced.

👉Smart Solar Box(TM): Only $19.79 | 90% Off Official Package ☑️

Who Is the Man Behind, Ryan Tanner?

The man behind the whole idea, Ryan Tanner, is a fashionable mechanic by trade. He originally received the idea from his father, who produced AC electricity using batteries. Ryan Tanner is responsible for making the entire DIY project viable.

It helped Tanner come up with the idea to design a smart solar box when he later discovered that it offers twice as much power as the charging time. Tanner realized that many people may profit from this by cutting their power expenses.

It is clear that Ryan Tanner and his Smart Solar Box are genuine because over 17,000 households have purchased the Tanner Innovative Solar Box Program and built their solar boxes successfully utilizing the instructions.

What Advantages Will The Smart Solar Box Offer?

The following is a list of advantages of the Smart Solar Box program.

First Advantage: Sustainable Power

You may have electricity as long as the sun shines on our globe thanks to solar panels, which provide green and sustainable energy that is pollution-free. It's an entirely environmentally friendly alternative.

This power source is useful in emergency situations, such as unexpected power outages, and it eliminates the monthly burden of paying electricity bills.

Feature No. 2: Mobility

The battery box and solar panels are easily folded and carried, making the Smart Solar Box a convenient travel or camping accessory. It is a powerful compact device free of unsightly wires.

Third Advantage: No Upkeep

The third advantage is that it requires no maintenance. Yes, you read that correctly; aside from the odd cleaning that needs to be done every six months, upkeep isn't too bad because there's nothing to do.

Advantage 5: Expense Reduction

A typical solar panel costs about $20,000, excluding annual maintenance. In comparison, the setup cost of a Smart Solar Box is approximately $300. Additionally, solar panels are a long-term answer to your family electric expenditures.

What Consequences Do Smart Solar Boxes Have?

It has certain disadvantages in addition to its many features and advantages.

Cons: You might need to replace the battery.

Although the smart solar box doesn't need care, the batteries do. When the battery reaches the end of its useful life, you might need to replace it. Regretfully, neither wiring schematics nor instructions on how to change the battery are included.

Cons: Exclusively accessible digitally

Because the program is only available in digital video format, you will require an additional device to access it as needed. Unlike ebooks, which can be printed to create a physical book, video instructions cannot be printed.

Cons: Not Fit for a Large House

It won't be sufficient for a large house with lots of compartments and electrical equipment. The smart solar box is ideal for small homes because it can run a number of lights, fans, stoves, and freezers for up to 18 to 20 hours.

👉Smart Solar Box(TM): Only $19.79 | 90% Off Official Package ☑️

Which Is Better, On-Grid Or Off-Grid Solar Energy?

An on-grid solar system links your solar energy system to the electrical grid, allowing you to consume the power as needed and receiving payment if your solar generates more electricity than you need.

In the same way, you don't have to purchase a battery for the on-grid system because it automatically pulls energy from the grid as needed.

In contrast, an off-grid solar system or solar box can only be used at night or after the battery has fully charged because it is entirely dependent on solar energy, which is stored in batteries for later use.

Here's a full comparison of the two systems; if the solar system doesn't have a battery to store the energy, you'll run into problems during inclement weather.

The Distinctions Between On-Grid and Off-Grid Solar Systems


Overage power is automatically added to the grid.

If excess energy is not effectively managed, it can be wasted.

When there is a power outage or the grid is down, the power is cut off.

remains unaffected by a power outage.

Bills for electricity, demand, and delivery must be paid.

Electricity bills are not necessary.

does not need batteries to be set up.

Energy must be stored in batteries.

How Do Smart Solar Boxes Operate?

The Smart Solar Box box is a terrific way to save money on electricity bills because it is not only functional but also reasonably priced, portable, eco-friendly, and only requires a one-time investment for a lifetime of cost savings.

However, don't just take our word for it; read what actual users of the program are saying. Steve B. from Dallas, Texas, was one satisfied user who remarked,

"When it came to solar, I was a little skeptic at first because I thought it would be too expensive, but my wife insisted that I try your system, and I'm glad I did because it performs exactly as you promised. Thank you!"

M. Boston, MA, a different customer, related his intriguing experience.

"I hope more people get to hear about it. Thanks!" "My kids love the new backyard swing. I saved almost $300 over the past four months, and I finally had the money to make their wish come true. I did go over the $200 price tag you mentioned by $22, to be exact, but that was only because I had nothing I could use around the house and had to leave now.

The Refund Policy (60 Days) and How to Make a Claim

You can request a refund if you're unhappy with the product or are just having a bad day. Just send an email to with the product returned, and they will get in touch with you to arrange a refund.

In the interim, click this link if you require help with your current order.

Over time, what percentage of your electricity bill will you save?

To provide you with an overview of the electricity bill savings, we have developed a report.

Item: Intelligent Photovoltaic Module

Components: $37 $44 — $187 monthly total

Savings on Electricity Bills: $298 $528 — $2244 annually

Our HONEST Opinion: Is a Smart Solar Box Legitimate?

Now that we've seen every advantage and disadvantage, it's time to make a decision. In my opinion, the Smart Solar Box is the best affordable option available and a lifesaver.

We are not the only ones endorsing the program—more than seventeen thousand satisfied customers have profited from it, and the majority of them have left good reviews.

Purchasing a Smart Solar Box for your family is a win-win situation because it offers an emergency answer as well as long-term electricity bill reductions.

Check out the links below to learn more about the Smart Solar Box.

A Fresh Approach to Solar Power Replacement


Is a Smart Solar Box the Same as a Solar Panel?

Smart solar boxes and solar panels are not the same thing. While solar panels are only solar-powered energy-generating panels, solar boxes are fully portable solar system setups that can be taken anywhere.

A Smart Solar Inverter: What Is It?

Dynamic two-way communicators, smart solar inverters allow for automatic power distribution and preserve grid stability. They may also immediately shut down the electrical grid during any disturbance. Smart solar inverters maintain grid stability despite variations in voltage and frequency.

Can Intelligent Solar Batteries be Recharged?

Yes, they are! The question has an obvious answer: if the batteries weren't rechargeable, you couldn't utilize solar energy to charge them. Because the batteries store energy for later use, they are rechargeable.

The Final Word

That concludes my assessment of the Smart Solar Box. By reducing our utility costs significantly, it saved my family and me during difficult times. If you share my goal of saving a few extra dollars annually, consider enrolling in this program.

👉Smart Solar Box(TM): Only $19.79 | 90% Off Official Package ☑️


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