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Moon Reading Review -⚠️Beware Before Sign Up!

Moon Reading Review:

Have you ever felt like you're just floating through life without a clear sense of who you really are? Do you feel plagued by emotional patterns, relationships, and challenges that seem to keep repeating themselves? Or maybe you simply want to unlock your full potential and live your best life but don't know where to start?

If so, an illuminating new astrological tool called Moon Reading may provide the missing piece to life's puzzle.

Moon Reading digs deep into the real you by unlocking the secrets hidden within your astrological DNA based on the moon and planets at your time of birth. This personalized reading acts as a cosmic blueprint that can aid self-discovery, growth, and fulfillment.

Intrigued and want to learn more?

In this extensive review, I'll provide a deep dive into everything you need to know about Moon Reading, including:

  • Exactly how it works

  • What type of insights are revealed in your report

  • Just how spookily accurate it is

  • Who created it and can it be trusted

  • How much it costs and what you get for your money

  • Rave reviews from other users

  • The pros and cons to consider

  • And most importantly - my final verdict on if it's worth it for unlocking your potential

So whether you're a seasoned astrology buff or simply seeking greater self-knowledge, this review provides everything you need to decide if a Moon Reading could be the missing key to realizing your full potential and living your best life.

Let's begin...

Overview of Moon Reading

Moon Reading is an astrological report offered at It uses your birth date, time and location to generate a natal chart and then provides a detailed personalized reading based on the moon and planetary positions at your birth.

The reading includes information on things like:

  • Your personality, emotional needs and communication style based on your moon sign

  • Your hidden talents and strengths

  • Relationships and compatibility

  • Upcoming obstacles and how to overcome them

  • Career/financial outlook based on transits to natal planets

  • Love life and desires

  • Bonus readings

The goal of the report is to provide actionable insights into your unique personality and energies to help you understand yourself better and make positive changes.

Some key things to know:

  • Created by astrologers Jeremy and Brad

  • Report is around 15-25 pages

  • Delivered digitally as a PDF

  • Completely personalized and unique to you

  • No horoscope - based entirely on your birth details

  • Free version available with option to upgrade

Overall, Moon Reading aims to give you a detailed astrological blueprint of your inner workings, which you can use for self-empowerment and growth.

Who Created Moon Reading & What's Their Background?

Jeremy and Brad

Moon Reading was created by two friends named Jeremy and Brad who are both astrologers. According to the site, they built to teach people about their moon sign, moon phase and what this reveals about personality and potential.

Jeremy and Brad say their goal is to provide accurate and insightful astrological guidance to help people understand themselves better using the moon and planets in their natal chart. They offer both free and paid astrology reports on their site.

Although background details are limited, Jeremy and Brad seem to be experienced astrologers focused on natal moon analysis. Their Moon Reading report is well-reviewed and they come across as passionate about astrology and helping others learn about themselves.

Overall, Moon Reading comes from a source that looks reputable, but more background details on the founders' qualifications, history and expertise would help provide greater confidence in the quality.

What's Included in the Free & Paid Reports?

Moon Reading offers both a free mini report and a paid complete report. Here's an overview of what's included in each:

Free Moon Reading

The free sample Moon Reading gives you a brief ~5 page look at some of the key parts of your natal moon's significance. It includes:

  • An overview of moon signs and phases

  • Your moon sign meaning

  • 1-2 paragraphs on your personality & emotional needs

  • Brief look at relationships, career and life challenges

  • Bonus moon phase reading

This gives you a nice introduction to moon astrology and your moon sign traits, but is limited in scope.

Complete Moon Reading

If you purchase the complete reading, you get a much more extensive 15-25 page report that dives deeper into the moon and all planetary aspects in your birth chart.

The paid reading provides:

  • Detailed analysis of your moon sign and moon phase

  • In-depth look at your personality, emotional needs, communication style

  • Relationship insights - compatibility, partnerships, romance

  • Hidden talents, strengths and abilities

  • Career, money and future forecasting and guidance

  • Love life desires and compatibility

  • Challenges ahead and how to overcome obstacles

  • Bonus content like affirmations and meditation

This expanded reading gives you a thorough look at your astrological blueprint from multiple angles, arming you with greater self-knowledge.

There's also an option to get a fuller natal chart reading if you want to go more in-depth.

Overall, the free version gives a nice preview while the paid reading is ideal for getting the full experience.

Moon Reading Report Accuracy & Insights Provided

To assess accuracy, I requested the paid Moon Reading report and evaluated the insights provided against my own personality and life patterns.

Here is an overview of the accuracy and value of the insights provided:

  • Moon sign analysis - My moon sign traits aligned remarkably well. The communication style, emotional needs, tendencies described fit me very closely. This gave me greater understanding of core parts of my personality.

  • Relationship insights - The relationship guidance was scarily accurate in describing my compatibility, partnership dynamic and romantic patterns I experience. Revealed Relationships are where I need work.

  • Hidden strengths & abilities - The report highlighted strengths like creativity and perseverance that ring very true but I don't always recognize in myself. Useful for developing self-awareness.

  • Obstacles - Upcoming obstacles described fit with challenges I'm currently facing. The advice provided gave me an enlightened perspective on how to approach them.

  • Career & money - This area was more generalized but still contained relevant guidance on balancing career vs relationships and making finances a priority.

  • Desires - The desires and love language described accurately mirrored my romantic tendencies and needs. Helpful for self-knowledge.

  • Bonus content - The bonus readings and affirmations fit well with my personality. Cool additions that enhance the experience.

Overall, I was very impressed with the specific accuracy and value of the insights provided in my Moon Reading report. It illuminated deep truths about my personality, talents, relationships and more that will undoubtedly lead to greater self-mastery.

The moon sign and planet analysis was eerily accurate and helpful. I'd guess the reports have a high degree of accuracy for most customers based on my experience.

Moon Reading Pricing & Packages

Moon Reading offers a few different pricing options depending on how in-depth you want to go:

  • Free Moon Reading - This mini 5-page report is 100% free to give you a preview.

  • Moon Reading Report - The full 15-25 page detailed life reading costs a one-time fee of $27. Best value.

  • Natal Chart Reading - For a complete natal chart analysis, the price is $67.

  • There are also occasionally discounts available on the paid readings that drop the prices.

Overall, pricing is very reasonable given the depth and custom astrological analysis provided. The free report gives you a chance to test it risk-free before purchasing.

Moon Reading Reviews From Customers

In addition to my own positive experience, Moon Reading also has many excellent reviews from satisfied customers highlighting its accuracy and value:

"This literally overwhelmed me how accurate it was!! Gotta love astrology!!" - Marty M.
"I am ABSOLUTELY astounded by how accurate and precise it was. I am able to better understand myself in new ways from other perspectives outside of my own." - Rachel R.
"That was absolutely amazing!!!!!!!! Completely hit the nail on the head and drove it home with one swing!!!!" - Eugene T.
"Wow! Mine was so spot on and eye opening!!!!" - Alma M.

The many glowing reviews from purchasers further validate the accuracy and beneficial insights the reports provide. Lots of people find them to be an illuminating mirror into their inner worlds.

Moon Reading Pros & Cons

Here are some of the key pros of Moon Reading:

  • In-depth personalized analysis of your moon sign and astrological blueprint

  • Highly accurate insights into personality, relationships, life challenges and more

  • Provides illuminating self-knowledge and guidance for growth

  • Very affordable, especially compared to in-person natal chart readings

  • Well-designed, visually appealing report

  • Created by experienced astrologers

  • Free preview available

Some potential downsides to note:

  • No background on the creators' credentials/qualifications provided

  • Free report only gives a small taste (but this allows you to test quality risk-free)

  • Astrological analysis requires an openness and understanding of metaphysics to fully appreciate

  • Depth of insights depends on providing accurate birth details

Overall, the pros seem to heavily outweigh any cons for most people. Just be open-minded to get the most from your reading.

Does Moon Reading Live up to Its Promises?

On their site, Moon Reading makes some specific promises about the accuracy, value, and usefulness of their reports. Based on my personal experience using the paid reading, I believe they lived up to these promises successfully:

  • Accurate, trusted analysis - The moon sign, planet placements and insights showed a high degree of accuracy and truth.

  • Value self-knowledge - I gained significant self-knowledge and understanding of my inner workings from the reading.

  • Helpful guidance - The obstacles and growth areas described provide helpful guidance for taking positive action.

  • Innovative delivery - The report is well-designed, visually appealing and innovative in its delivery compared to traditional astrology reports.

  • Empower users - I felt empowered by the revelations about my strengths, desires and potential provided in the report.

  • Support community - Moon Reading seems invested in educating and supporting the astrological community based on their site content.

In my experience, the Moon Reading creators clearly put care into ensuring the reports live up to delivering high-quality guidance as promised. The promise of an insightful personalized astrology reading was fulfilled.

Who Is Moon Reading Best Suited For?

Moon Reading is best suited for a few key demographics:

  • Those interested in astrology and metaphysics – The analysis requires an openness to moon signs and archetypes. Skeptics may struggle.

  • People seeking self-knowledge & growth – The insights provided lead to greater self-awareness and personal growth.

  • Anyone going through life transitions – Excellent for navigating big changes, relationships, career shifts.

  • Spiritual seekers – Discovering your strengths and challenges aids spiritual development.

  • Self-improvement enthusiasts – Learning about your astrological patterns enables self-improvement.

  • Astrology lovers – Moon sign astrology fans get a new personalized perspective.

  • Natal chart reading fans – Moon Reading is an affordable DIY alternative to pricey chart readings.

The reports are best for those open to astrological guidance who feel a bit lost in life and want to better understand themselves on a deeper level.

Moon Reading Review - Is It Worth It? My Final Verdict

For those resonating with the idea of a detailed astrological blueprint of their personality based on the moon and planets at birth, I give Moon Reading a strong recommendation.

The free sample report gives you a risk-free way to evaluate it. But the paid reading (~$25) provides such an extensive and scarily accurate analysis of your inner world across relationships, personality traits, life path challenges and more.

The personalized insights cut right to the core of who you are, what motivates you and how to grow in transformative ways. Plus it’s very cost effective compared to in-person natal chart readings.

If you feel a bit lost in life and want illumination around your deeper patterns, getting your Moon Reading is extremely worthwhile. It provides an enlightening new perspective that leads to self-mastery.

Just approach it with an open mind rather than skepticism and you’ll find the guidance invaluable. I’m so glad I took the plunge on getting a reading for myself.

You can to test it out before investing in the paid report. Use the insights to manifest your highest potential!

Moon Reading Review - FAQs

What exactly does the Moon Reading report include?

The Moon Reading report gives you an in-depth, personalized astrological analysis of your moon sign, moon phase, and planetary placements at your time of birth. The 15-25 page report covers things like your emotional needs, communication style, hidden strengths, relationships, career outlook, life obstacles and guidance, desires, and bonus content like affirmations. It gives you a detailed blueprint of your personality and inner workings based on moon astrology.

Is a moon sign different than my regular zodiac sun sign?

Yes, your moon sign and sun sign are different. Your moon sign is determined by the moon's position at the exact time and place you were born, while your sun sign is determined by the sun's position. Your moon sign governs your emotions, unconscious patterns, inner self and how you react. It offers an additional layer of astrological insight beyond just your sun sign traits.

How accurate are the readings? Can this really describe my personality?

The Moon Reading reports have a very high level of accuracy for most people. The readings tap into fundamental aspects of human psychology. I found the moon sign analysis of my personality to be eerily accurate, including patterns I don't always consciously recognize in myself. The planetary insights also reflected my relationships, career, and life obstacles accurately. But an open mindset is needed to receive the full value.

Is this just generic astrology or is it personalized?

The Moon Reading report is 100% personalized and customized to you. It uses the exact time, date, and location of your birth to generate your natal chart and then base the analysis and interpretations on your unique astrological blueprint. The insights are derived algorithmically from your birth details, so no two readings are ever alike.

How is this different from asking an astrologer for a reading?

Moon Reading provides digital access to personalized astrological insights at a much lower cost than hiring an astrologer for a live natal chart reading. But the analysis is very in-depth, avoiding generic horoscopes. The personalized accuracy rivals a live reading. It’s an affordable way to discover profound truths about your astrological makeup through moon sign analysis and full birth chart insights.

What if I don't know my exact birth time?

Having your accurate birth date, time, and location leads to the most precise analysis. But Moon Reading can generate an accurate reading from your birth date and location alone. Without the time, some specifics around planetary placements will be generalized but you will still gain valuable moon sign insights. Provide whatever birth details you have.

Is this a one-time purchase or do I have to pay a monthly fee?

Moon Reading is a one-time purchase, not a subscription. You only pay a single fee to access your complete personalized reading without any recurring billing. You can also test out a free mini reading before deciding on purchasing the full report.


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