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Founded in 1991 as an affiliate of the American Public Health Association (APHA), SAAPHI, is a nonprofit national public health organization comprised of researchers, physicians and health advocates dedicated to improving the overall health of African Americans. SAAPHI promotes and utilizes scientific research to inform interventions, programs and policy decisions to advance health equity for Black people. To do this we provide mentorship and training to build the Black public health workforce, convene scholars across disciplines to create interdisciplinary solutions that address root causes of health disparities, and advocate for appropriate public policies that will not further marginalize Black people and compromise their wellness.


SAAPHI is dedicated to dismantling structural racism and other intersecting systems of oppression to create health equity and improve the well-being of all people across the African Diaspora.



We represent and embrace a diversity of experiences and realities across the African Diaspora and are committed to ensuring that individually and collectively Black people feel heard, seen, and capable of contributing to the pursuit of their own health and wellbeing. For us, inclusion recognizes both the fullness of who we are and the various dimensions of health (physical, intellectual, emotional, social, spiritual, economical, and environmental) tied to our livelihood.


We understand that central to racism and other intersecting systems of oppression impacting the African Diaspora is the lack of value for Black bodies, identities/the expression of identities, and experiences. In light of this, we also understand that central to our resilience as Black people is our access to joy which is the result of standing in the truth and freedom of who we are individually and collectively. Unafraid and undeterred we have and will continue to choose joy for the fulfillment of our mission.


We recognize and honor that our present is inextricably linked to the past. In re- envisioning a future of justice and liberation across the African Diaspora, we are committed to confronting established principles, policies, and practices that have historically harmed our communities globally. We are also committed to reclaiming the full humanity and dignity of those who have been harmed in service to our future. We remain creative in our pursuits, while ensuring that all of our work is informed by the wisdom and action of those who paved the way.


We understand the opportunity available to us to shape public understanding and action in response to health inequities and we do not take lightly the responsibility we have to uplift the experiences of the communities to which we are connected. As critical thinkers, we ask questions to get to the core of issues, challenge assumptions, facilitate uncomfortable conversations, and hold ourselves accountable to driving measurable impact within the public health field and beyond.


We believe in honoring one another, environments, and the economies around us in a manner that centers community care and restoration. Recognizing our work can not be

accomplished in isolation, we challenge ideas of scarcity and competition, and embrace ideals

of abundance and partnership. As stewards we preserve and invest our resources relationships, finances, assets, and time) with honesty, integrity, and purpose.

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SAAPHI is dedicated to conducting and presenting important research regarding health issues that impact African American commuunities. 


SAAPHI aims to inform local state and federal policy to promote the health and wellbeing of African American communities. 


SAAPHI hosts regular webinars and an annual meeting to foster continuing education for profressionals and students interested in African American health issues. 


SAAPHI hosts an annual mentorship rountable prior to the AHPA conference to connect experienced public health professionals with students and early career professionals. 

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